Outdoor Tournament - July 10

by Bryan Panchuk

For the first time ever, we are having a mini 3-on-3 OUTDOOR tournament.  Here are the details...

WHEN: Sunday July 10 approx 4-7pm


WHO: All VIHL teams can send players to represent their teams (so let your team rep know if you want to play)

So here is how it will work..

All teams will indicate their selections on the tournament signup sheet that was sent to each team rep.  There are only 18 skater spots and 3 goalies spots for each tournament so make sure to sign up fast!  We will allow participants from as many teams as possible and if there is space, we will fill up any of the remaining spots with some of the extra names on the list.  Beside each name, note the position of the player (Forward or Defense or Either).  Please also ask your goalies and include them on the list if they want to be considered for one of the goalie positions.  If no one can attend from your team, please write "NO ONE CAN ATTEND"

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $25 fine for no shows on the day of the event after confirming attendance.  If you can no longer attend at the last minute, please make sure to find a replacement in order to avoid the fine or let the league know so that we can try to fill your spot. 

 From the list of players, we will be making up 3 teams per tournament (one for Iron teams and the other for Copper/Bronze/Brass teams).  Each team will have 6 skaters (approx 4 forwards and 2 defense) and a goalie.  We will do our best to put teammates on the same team.   Then team rosters will be sent out and each team will be assigned a colour and we will ask each team to come up with a name.  

Format of the games...

Games will be quick.  Each team will have 2 round robin games.  Each game will be 14 running time minutes.  The only faceoff is at the beginning of the game - if there is a goal, the other team takes it from behind their own net.  Penalties will result in penalty shots and play continues after the shot.  Generally, other whistles in the defensive zone will result in the defending team getting the puck.  There can be ties during the round robin but tie breakers in the standings will be broken based on goal differential.  The 2 lowest placed teams from the round robin will play a "playoff game" and then the winner will play the top placed team from the round robin to determine the overall winner.  

All players will receive something for participating and there will be additional prizes from Coast 2 Coast Hockey Shop for top players of the tournament and the winning teams.  All we ask is that you bring a food donation for the food bank.  Anyone will be welcome to come watch as well and we are working on having a bbq as well.  

Everyone in attendance will also have the opportunity to enter a draw for some prizes.  We are accepting other donations as well so please let us know if you have something that you would like to donate...