Winter 2020/21 Registration Info

by Bryan Panchuk

We hope everyone has been staying active and healthy during this time.  We know not everyone will be comfortable with playing hockey yet but we are going to move forward with winter registration!  There will be tighter guidelines (you can check out the website for some of them) but I am sure everyone is ok with that, if it means playing some hockey and making things safer.  There is only room for 14 teams and we need to get things rolling quickly as everything would start Sept 22, so read the details below and round up some players and register by Sept 8 if you are in...  (UPDATE: Register by October 24 to register for a 12 game regular season starting in November)

PS.  If you have a small group of you and are willing to join up with another group to make a team, just email the league and we will see what we can do.  

Once the team rep registers your team, your players will be able to register themselves to the team.

PS.  Receive a $250 credit for any new team that you refer to the league (new team must not have played in the league over the last 3 years)


Total Games: Minimum 20 games: 18 Regular Season and minimum 2 playoff games (14 games for teams registering to start in November)

Day/Times: Mostly Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday - 7:30 to 9:30pm Starts.  No late or long weekend games

Location: All games to be played out of Poirier Forum in Coquitlam

Other Notes: 

Up to 10 skaters plus 1 goalie allowed per game

Games are 2 - 24 minute running time periods (plus warmup) 

Championship Tshirts for winners and player of the game tshirts throughout the season

Other COVID guidelines as listed on the website so as to increase cleanliness and keep social distancing and limit exposure 

Full details on Team and Player Registration and League Fees here: