Roster Management

by Bryan Panchuk


Roster deadline is midnight on June 1.  In years past, we locked the system and no one was able to register after this date.  However, we will now leave the system open to continue to let people register after the deadline.   With that said, anyone registering after June 1 will be charged a $15 fee. This is to cover the cost of insurance, registration system charges and administration.  This fee doesn't apply to emergency goalies though as long as the goalie was already previously on a team in the VIHL.  

After June 1st, we will keep track of players being registered and these fees will be subtracted from the fine deposit and tracked on the deposit spreadsheet.


Roster limits are as follows:

- 16 Skaters
- Unlimited Goalies

Therefore, if you need to delete any players THAT HAVEN'T PLAYED A GAME without it counting towards your roster total (only league management can delete players), please email the league before June 1.  After June 1, all players will count towards the roster total and a $15 fee per skater will be deducted from your fine deposit for each skater (there is no extra fee for goalies) over the 16 skater limit. Reminder: Don't remove anyone that is injured and may be submitting an injury claim..


There are still reports that teams are not taking the time to correctly make sure the game roster sheet is accurate.  In order to ensure accurate stats, please cross off players that aren't there and change any necessary jersey numbers and positions.  If you want to identify a change as being permanent, please circle the change on the roster sheet.  REMINDER:  Once the game is final, the roster sheet is also final.  If you record the wrong player as being there it can no longer be changed after the game. 


Please be reminded that if you have a player that is already registered as a skater and is playing as a goalie, he/she does NOT need to register as a goalie again in the system. This is the same in reverse. Simply advise the score keeper of the situation when adjusting rosters at the beginning of each game.