Phase 3 update

by Bryan Panchuk

Some important updates for the season based on new information released from the city and government around phase 3 of the covid restrictions. 

  • Biggest update for most people is that changerooms are now allowed.  No showers yet but they are working on it and hopefully can announce that soon as well.  Teams will once again be allowed 30 mins before and after the games to use the changeroom.
  • We will be adjusting the times back to the normal way where the scheduled time is the time that the game will start.  Please check the schedule for the new start times for games next week.
  • We will adjust the game format slightly.  We will stick with running time but times will now increase to the following...
    • 5 min warmup
    • 2 - 25 min halves
    • 2 min break in between each half
    • 3 min 3on3 OT followed by a shootout if necessary
    • Stop time in the last 2 minutes if within 3 goals (unless it is tied, in which case running time will continue)
  • Building capacity requirements have been lifted so you can now have up to 12 skaters on the bench if you would like to do so.  
  • Captains will need to fill out the gamesheet as per past seasons prior to warmup being completed
  • We will like to take a couple extra days to watch some more games and test out the new game timing and release the next 4 games next Tuesday, July 6 for the next batch of games starting on Saturday, July 10.  
  • Masks/face coverings are recommended for those individuals who are not fully vaccinated but masks are no longer mandatory
  • Social distancing is no longer required on and off the floor 
  • Spectactors are now allowed (up to 50% of the seating capacity)

Other reminders....

  • Players require 4 out of 8 games and 1 out of the first 4 games to qualify for playoffs (goalies just require 1 game to qualify for playoffs)
  • Roster freeze is midnight tomorrow, June 3.  Please make sure all players are registered by this date.  Only emergency goalies will be allowed after this date.
  • 14 skaters are allowed on the roster (anything extra will result in a $15 fee).  Teams are allowed unlimited goalies on the roster and there is a spare goalie list if you need an emergency goalie.  If you would like to remove players off your roster, please email the league
  • No injury exemptions this season
  • Game pucks will be provided by the league and teams can use their own pucks for warmups.
  • Same forfeit and suspension fines as usual
  • Players must still make sure they have matching jerseys and taped on numbers and no missing wheels to start the game otherwise they may not be allowed to play.  
  • League will monitor gameplay and rosters for tiering changes.  Changes or swaps could be made at any time.  
  • no tolerance for verbal or physical scrums after the whistle or excessive roughing.  All infractions will result in a game ejections
  • Any fighting will result in season long suspension 
  • Faceoffs are per usual.  Will allow battles on the boards and in front of the net to a reasonable level and we understand that not everyone will be comfortable with the battles and may choose to hang back.
  • No tolerance for serious infractions as usual and any stick infractions are 4 minute penalties as usual (6 minutes with running time)
  • Suspension guidelines are listed on the website.  Any 3 game or more suspensions will result in the captain/team rep being suspended for 1 game as well.